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                  Tiger Fighting, October 26. Although Chelsea spent more on the transfer market this summer than any other club, Stamford Bridge won only 3 of the first 9 games of the season. But former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien still supports Lampard, who believes that Lampard will find the right path and way after a season of ups and downs.

                  Tiger Fighting,10月26日。盡管切爾西今年夏天在轉會市場上的花費比其他任何俱樂部都多,但斯坦福橋僅贏了本賽季前9場比賽中的3場。但是前切爾西中場球員邁克爾·埃辛仍然支持蘭帕德,蘭帕德相信蘭帕德在經歷了一個大起大落的賽季后將會找到正確的道路和方式。

                  The Blues Chelsea have only won 3 wins in 9 games at the beginning of the season, which has caused some people to question whether Lampard is a suitable candidate for the position of Chelsea coach. With the addition of German internationals Haverts, Werner and England international Chilwell, the former England international spent more than 220 million pounds (287 million US dollars) in the transfer market this summer. But Lampard is still struggling to find the right balance on the court, trying to combine the mercury on the offensive end with the solidity on the defensive end.


                  In last week's Premier League, Chelsea were tied 3-3 by Southampton, and in the game they led twice and tied twice. In the same game against Sevilla and Manchester United, Chelsea also failed to score.


                  In the first few weeks of the season, finding the recipe for success is Lampard's biggest task. And Essien, who has played side by side with the West London coach for 9 years, believes that the club's fans must wait patiently for the success of their team.


                  "He (Lampard) is a member of Chelsea, he knows the club very well, of course he knows how to do it." Essien said frankly in this exclusive interview with Goal, "He will get everyone at Chelsea Help, and I think he has done a good job so far."


                  "Last season he achieved a very good result, because Chelsea is not an easy place to manage. Fans will ask for a lot of things, so it is not easy, and he is doing his best. Football is full of ups and downs. You have to understand this. Support the team, not be unhappy after every bad result."


                  "This job is not easy, so you have to be patient, urge the team and then you can only hope that they can do better. Chelsea have already brought in so many good players, so they have to be worthy of so many people. High expectations for them."


                  "The young players have done a great job, but I don’t know if they can play in the Chelsea I played for before! I’m joking because I like young people like Mason Mount, but you have to Continue to improve his performance in Chelsea."


                  Another former teammate of Essien at Chelsea has become the focus of the news in recent days, and the reason is that the retired goalkeeper Cech was unexpectedly selected for the Blues' 25-man Premier League squad in the first half of the season. Cech’s main role in the club is a technical consultant, but he has been officially added to the entry lineup, serving as a reserve player for Edward Mendy, Kepa Arizabaraga and Willie Caballero .

                  亞博網上登錄埃森(Essien)的另一名前隊友在切爾西(Celsea)成為最近新聞的焦點,原因是退休的門將切赫(Cech)出人意料地被選為本賽季上半場藍軍25人的英超聯賽陣容。切赫(Cech)在俱樂部的主要角色是技術顧問,但他已正式加入到參賽陣容中,擔任Edward Mendy,Kepa Arizabaraga和Willie Caballero的替補球員。

                  Essien believes that when Cech returns to the training ground, the 38-year-old player can provide important opinions and suggestions for the club's current goalkeeper. "It's good, Cech can still play." He added, "Goalkeepers can have a longer career than other players, which is good for him, too. Pete is a very cute person and it's so great to have him by his side. Okay, this is also a great thing for Chelsea goalkeepers."

                  埃辛相信,切赫回到訓練場時,這位38歲的球員可以為俱樂部現任門將提供重要的意見和建議。 “很好,切赫仍然可以打球?!彼a充說:“守門員的職業生涯可以比其他球員更長,這對他也有好處。皮特是一個非??蓯鄣娜?,能陪在他身邊真是太好了。好吧,這對于切爾西守門員來說也是一件好事。 ?!?/p>

                  "I always say that he thinks he is smarter than he actually is! Haha, I was joking, Cech is very smart, he speaks many different languages, and he also plays drums. When I was still on the team, he He is a leader who dares to contribute to the team. I am very happy that he can return to the Chelsea club to play a very important role. I think he has done a good job so far and I wish him all the best."


                  Like Lampard and some of his former Chelsea teammates, Essien chose to transform into a football coach after retiring. He is currently serving as an assistant coach at the North Jutland club in Denmark. While the former Real Madrid and AC Milan star helped some Chelsea’s youth players to improve, he was also committed to cultivating the next generation of players, and this was his first step as a coach.


                  "When I was a player, I said that I didn't think I would become a coach in the future, but one day everything changed." He revealed himself, "The pure love for the sport made me think I have to do this. When I decided to start my coaching career, it felt like a touch in my heart, and I just finished my UEFA B qualification exam."

                  “當我還是一名球員時,我說過我不認為自己將來會成為教練,但是有一天,一切都變了?!彼蜃约和嘎叮簛啿┢脚_網上登錄“對這項運動的熱愛使我覺得我必須這樣做。當我決定開始我的教練職業時,感覺就像是觸動了我的心,而我剛剛完成了UEFA B資格考試?!?/p>

                  "I have played under a lot of great coaches. I have played for Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Paulo Legon of Lyon and Frei of Bastia in my first club De Antonetti plays under the team. All coaches have their own way of treating players and teams, and I learned part of them from each of them."

                  “我曾在許多偉大的教練中任職。我曾在我的第一支俱樂部De Antonetti效力于Jose Mourinho,Carlo Ancelotti,Lyon的Paulo Legon和Bastia的Frei。所有教練都有自己的對待球員的方式,團隊,我從每個團隊中學到了一部分?!?/p>

                  "This can indeed evoke my memories. When I see the current situation of this group of players, of course I will remember my past career. Now my coaching career has started very well, but there is still a long way to go. Go, I am willing to learn new knowledge, 110% of the investment, and continue on this path."


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